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Why Do You Need Background Checks

Perhaps the most obvious reason is to avoid violence and disruption in the workplace. While the existence of a criminal record is not always a reason to reject a candidate, there are cases where it can be. For example, a convicted child molester has no business working in a day care center.

Extreme cases aside, there are important fundamental reasons for conducting background checks on potential employees. With today's emphasis on managing more work with fewer people, the impact of a bad hire is greater than ever before. How do you really know that the candidate has the education, experience and certifications that he or she claims, if you don't verify the claims?

Finally, pre-employment screening helps to avoid the rising costs associated with theft, fraud, and lawsuits that may result from the actions of employees that should never have been hired. The practice also reduces the less obvious costs associated with bad publicity and the loss of customers.

According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), 10 % of job applicants have a criminal record and that 40 % of resumes contain material lies or omissions about education, past employment, or qualifications.

Advantages of Screening

  • Eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process by basing decisions on hard information

  • Demonstrate Due Diligence in the hiring process, promoting safety in the workplace

  • Encourage open communication and honesty on the part of the Applicant

  • Excellent return on a small investment

We've already talked about the basic reasons that companies conduct pre-employment screens. However, there are other, more subtle reasons that can be just as important in the long run. First of all, applicants with something to hide will typically avoid those companies that conduct pre-employment screening as a matter of policy. This saves everyone time and money.

Pre-employment screening also helps to eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process. A good interviewer may be able to make an informed judgment about an applicant's personality, intelligence and general qualifications. However, verifying past employment, education, professional licenses and other key data is impossible to do without checking at the source.

Companies that regularly screen applicants also demonstrate a level of Due Diligence that promotes safety in the workplace. While this is no guarantee that a company will avoid all legal problems associated with its employees, it could become a critical factor in a lawsuit.

Screening also promotes open communication and honesty during the hiring process. If an applicant has a blemish on the record, they are more likely to disclose it up front, rather than be caught in a lie.

Finally, pre-employment screening costs have been reduced dramatically over the past few years, due to streamlined procedures and advanced technology. Bottom-line, it's an excellent return a small investment.

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