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What We Can Do For You

These days, screening your potential employees has become more important than ever. Companies are now painfully aware of the awesome responsibility that comes with hiring new employees, and making sure that hiring your candidate is a sound business decision just makes sense. The one thing that you can be sure of is that when you are dealing with people, you just never know. Pre-screening your potential employees is a valuable resource that is available to you, by making CSI your trusted partner, it becomes invaluable. We will work with you to make sure that you are keeping your current employees and all of your clients safe. To make sure that you are getting all of the information that you need, we offer the following searches:

  • County level Criminal searches

  • Instant database searches

  • Motor Vehicle reports

  • Sex Offender Registry searches

  • Social Security Traces

  • Civil Record searches

  • Statewide and Federal Criminal searches

  • Workers Compensation claims

  • National Wants and Warrants

We will help you to decide which searches are the best options for your organization. We will fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each search, and make sure that you understand how to thoroughly screen your candidates.

CSI was founded on a very basic principle, simply to provide the information necessary for employers to make informed hiring decisions, and to do it better than anyone else. With that thought in mind, CSI set out to design and develop its own proprietary software. After months of work, we can say that we have built the most flexible, most dynamic tool in the industry. By developing this tool, CSI has made it possible to reduce the turn around time in receiving search results and getting them back to you faster and more complete. Add to that the multitude of features we built in to make the process easier and faster for our clients, along with a customer service and quality control division that is second to none, and you will see why partnering with CSI is truly like having your own team of in house screening professionals.

What Makes a Thorough Screen

The type of screens conducted varies, according to the employer and job type.

Basic Employment screening usually includes a Criminal Records Search in the counties where the applicant has lived over the past seven years. To determine whether the applicant lived in locations that were not supplied on the job application, it is also typical for the screener to run a Social Security Number trace. A search of the applicant's Driving Records is conducted because it often uncovers offenses outside a county of residence. Previous employment is often checked, to confirm that the applicant has the experience required for the positions.

These basic checks are often augmented by a search of civil court records in the same counties, verification of educational degrees and checks with references supplied by the applicant.

Certain job types require special screens. For example, a job that involves handling money may be subject to a search of Bankruptcy records and a Credit History. A position in the field of Medicine will often require the verification of professional licenses, as well as a search of government databases that hold information on Medicare fraud, sex offenders, patient abusers, etc.

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